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Buy MORPHINE SULFATE ER  online cheap from our store for solving persistent pain. MORPHINE SULFATE which is a sulfate salt of Morphine is among the highly used drug for chronic pain and anxiety related conditions. We have MORPHINE SULFATE ER in the following forms:

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What is the Morphine sulfate drug?

Morphine Sulfate is a sulfate salt of Morphine which is also available in the market under the trade name of MS-Contin among various other brand names. Morphine belongs to the opioid or opiate class of drugs which usually contain opioid alkaloid present in the opium or poppy plant. Morphine is a central nervous system acting agent where it can act on various opiate receptors such as mu-opiate, delta, and kappa opiate receptors. The effects of morphine sulfate on the central nervous system are various in nature mainly analgesic, euphoric, suppression in respiration, anxiolysis which means feelings of calm in case of anxiety and effects on the gastrointestinal system of the body.

The chemical name for Morphine sulfate is Morphine sulfate pentahydrate and Avinza while the molecular formula of the drug is C34H50N2O15S. The molar mass of the molecular of morphine sulfate is calculated to be equal to 758.833 g/mol.

Morphine exists in the form of a pale yellow solution which can be administered through oral means. Morphine sulfate is available in a number of solution strengths and the dosage of the drugs depends on various factors such as patient’s age group, the severity of pain, usual occurrence and longevity of the pain.

Morphine should be produced under standard conditions and care should be taken in storing the drug at home or in the drug store. The standard storage temperature for the drug is around 20oC to 25oC.

Where can you buy Morphine sulfate?

Morphine is a sulfate salt of the popular Morphine drug which is also an opioid in nature. Our online drugstore is one of the major suppliers of opioid drugs around the world. Opioids have found usability in medicals treatments where patients are required to cope with severe pain and trauma. Morphine sulfate can be purchased from our online store as we provide high-quality products to our clients all over the world. We also have the ability to ship these products all over the world and the shipping services provided by us are discreet. The transactions carried out at our platforms are also safe and secure. We also provide manufacturer’s seal products shipped from our store in order to make sure that products delivered are not altered on the way.

Uses of Morphine

Morphine is used as an analgesic in major surgeries and operations. The drug provides relief from pain and helps the patients in dealing with long-term illnesses.

How does the drug work?

The drug is a central nervous system agent and acts on the opiate receptors i.e. Mu, kappa, and delta, in order to suppress their response to the sensation of pain experienced by the body.

Short and long-term effects of Morphine

The short-term effects of the drug include medical illnesses which appear once the effects of the drug wear out. The long-term effects of the drug are habit-forming and dependency on the drug.

The dosage of Morphine

Morphine can be administered by users of almost all age groups while the dosage amount of the drug varies. The dosage amount for children is 5 – 10mg every 4 hours with maximum dose nothing greater than 60mg. The dosage amount for young adults is 10 – 15mg every four hours with no greater than 60mg per day. The dosage amount of the drug for grown-up adults is 10 – 20mg every 4 hours in a day with the maximum dosage amount limited to 120mg per day.

The overdose of Morphine

Any dose greater than 120mg per day is considered to be an overdose. Morphine Sulfate overdose in some cases has caused life-threatening consequences for the patients.

Other brand names of the same drug or active compound

The common trade name used for Morphine Sulfate is Avinza among others.

Legal status of Morphine sulfate

Morphine has the tendency to be misused by the users due to its effects due to which it is a scheduled drug in most parts of the world. It is however also a prescribed medicine for medical conditions involving severe pain.  morphine sulfate price, buy morphine with discount, morphine price usa, morphine for sale online

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