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Buy Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride) online cheap from our store for use as a medicine.  Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride) which is a hydrochloride salt of methamphetamine is a widely used drug for ADHD and narcolepsy medical conditions. We have  Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride) in the following form:

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What is the Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride) drug?

Methamphetamine hydrochloride was synthesized in the year 1893 and became available in the market under the brand name of Desoxyn. It is a strong stimulant drug having effects on the working of the central nervous system of the body. Amphetamine exists in the form of two optical isomers mainly levoamphetamine and Dextroamphetamine. Methamphetamine is a mixture of the two types of optical isomers of amphetamine. It is a prescribed drug for the treatment of medical conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity.

Methamphetamine exists in the form of white crystals and can be administered by users through oral means. It can also be smoked and insufflated. Desoxyn is a potent stimulant drug with the effects of the drug lasting for a period of 10 – 20 hours. Desoxyn has high addiction liability with habit forming nature.

The chemical formula for Desoxyn is “(RS)-N-methyl-1-phenylpropane-2-amine” while the molecular formula is C10H15N. The molar mass of the molecule of Desoxyn is 149.24 g/mol. The purity of the crystal of methamphetamine is usually found to be greater than or equal to 97% when the standard procedures for the production are followed. The standard temperature for storage of the drug is usually room temperature while it is recommended to keep it away from moisture.

Where can you buy Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride)?

Desoxyn is an amphetamine drug having stimulant effects on the working of the central nervous system (CNS) of the body. It is used in the treatment of medical conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy and weight gain. The drug is among the controlled and banned drugs due to its widespread use which is why it is extremely difficult to get the drug without a prescription. The drug, however, is available for purchase on various online drug stores. We provide high quality and standard quality Desoxyn products to our clients at highly discounted rates. The products from our store can be shipped all over the world which makes us stand out among our competitors. Best male enhancement products are available in other sites.

Uses of methamphetamine hydrochloride

Desoxyn is an amphetamine drug having strong stimulant effects on the central nervous system of the human body. The drug produces euphoria and energetic feelings in the body. It also increases the creative ability of the human brain and helps the users in carrying out excessive physical activity. The drug is medically used for the treatment of various medical conditions i.e. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy and weight gain.

It is also a common recreational drug as the drug produces feelings of high on administration.

How does the drug work?

The drug is stimulant in nature and it acts on the central nervous system (CNS). Though it is not completely understood how the drug works, it is expected to increase the activity of neurotransmitters to release serotonin and dopamine.

Short and long-term effects of Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride)

The drug has stimulant effects on brain activity while at the same time it has a wide range of both short and long-term side effects. The short-term effects of the drug include forced or involuntary physical activity, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, dilation of pupils and other such complications.

The long-term effects of the drug include an addiction to the drug which can be extremely difficult to get over.

The dosage of Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride)

The dosage of the drug ranges from 10mg to 125mg. Light doses of the drug range from 75mg – 150mg while the commonly administered dose ranges from 150-225mg. A heavy dose of the drug is greater than or equal to 325mg.

The overdose of Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride)

Any dose above 250mg is considered to be an overdose under any circumstance. An overdose in severe cases can even lead to fatal consequences for the patients.

Other brand names of the same drug or active compound

The brand name for methamphetamine hydrochloride is Desoxyn while it is present in street under various aliases such as Mandy, speed, and ecstasy.

Something else that is specific to the drug

Legal status of methamphetamine hydrochloride

Desoxyn is a prescribed drug for various medical conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and weight loss but due to its high addiction liability and misuse, its sale, production, and consumption has been rendered illegal in most parts of the world. In the United States, it is listed as a Schedule II drug. Desoxyn price, order Desoxyn online, buy Desoxyn with discount, Methamphetamine hydrochloride

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